Work With Us

Who you may be:

We are looking for both Masters and doctorate-level mental health professionals (PhD, PsyD, LCSW, LMFT, etc.). If you fall into that category and want any of the following at your job, then we might be the place for you:

-To earn good money while not having to work long hours or having huge chunks of your income taken by the company you work for. We are in the business of creating a healthy and sustainable culture, meaning we would rather pay you well and have you stick around than prioritize our own financial profit. Pragmatically, our business model is that you keep 70% of everything you bring in. (We have seen some group practices take as much as 50% of a therapist's income.) In transparency, here is where most of the remaining 30% that we keep goes toward: office rent, office manager (Christina) salary, electronic billing/notes subscription, marketing, utilities, high speed internet, and quite honestly, paying off our student loans :)

-If you are a therapist who loves to do therapy but absolutely does not love doing any other parts of the job (e.g. billing, working with insurance companies, maintaining your referral base, marketing, paying rent, paying for all office supplies, etc.).

-If you are an early career professional and are looking for mentorship or guidance on how to start/manage a private practice, even if that means you leave us one day to start your own practice! We do not believe in non-compete clauses when it comes to healing.

-If you are an early career professional and are looking for support and supervision as you are first practicing under your own license.

-If you are a therapist who wants to facilitate healing in a collaborative, creative, and authentic environment. We consider our center a sacred space and founded upon the beliefs that courage is contagious, authenticity is a verb, and vulnerability is a value. These words are not lip service; we live them out and back them up through our actions. This distinction is what makes us different. The moment you walk into our space or have a meaningful conversation with us, it is our hope you will feel this difference.

Who we are:

Est. 2018 - two college town markets in two different states.

We are a small, holistic group practice built intentionally by a husband and wife team who strongly believe in the mind-body connection and its role in the healing process.

We are in the business of creating a healthy and sustainable relational culture, rather than growing rapidly to maximize profit.

We are committed to growing as professionals and human beings, even if that requires us to continually step outside our comfort zones and be vulnerable.

Most importantly, we consider ourselves a fiercely inclusive workplace, both with clients and colleagues. This last part is non-negotiable. We work with people of any identity, including but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, race, age, size, ability, culture, race, belief, religious background, or socio-economic class. Differences are welcomed. Disrespect and other behaviors promoting unsafe lived experiences are not tolerated.

What's included:

-Having your billing, scheduling, communicating with clients, faxing, scanning, contacting insurance companies, insurance credentialing, and other miscellaneous tasks taken care of by Christina!

-Starting January 2024, a furnished office with space to add your personal flare at the Quarry Arts Building.

-Absolute control and flexibility over your schedule. We want you to work when you work best!

-Access to electronic medical records software.

-Inclusion on website, Psychology Today, and any other marketing materials.

-Access to our referral base.

-Autonomy to be your own practitioner!

Extra free perks:

-Attend any mind-body wellness classes and/or workshops offered by HCC staff or other presenters/teachers for free

-"Play" outings - this may involve a Forward Madison FC Mingos soccer game, a backyard BBQ, etc. Partners and kids invited, always!

-All the bubbly water and tea your heart desires.

If you've made it this far, send Ian an email at so we can find a time to show you our space and get to know each other better. Please include a CV/resume, a few references, and tell us what resonated with you most about our practice!