Group Therapy

Simply put, we think group therapy is awesome. While we admit to being highly biased, group therapy has been widely used and has been a standard treatment option for over 50 years and is only continuing to grow in popularity. 

Group therapy is a special form of therapy in which a small group of people meet together under the guidance of a therapist to not only help themselves but each other as well. If you stop and think about it, each of us has been raised in group environments, either through our families, schools, organized activities, or work. These are the environments in which we grow and develop as human beings. Group therapy is no different. It is a social laboratory that provides a place for you to come together with others, practice new behaviors, share problems or concerns, experience a supportive and genuine holding environment, and learn from and with each other.

Group therapy encourages people to learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships. Group therapy focuses on interpersonal interactions in the here and now (e.g. the present moment). In this way, relational issues are best addressed in groups. In fact, the group and its relationships are the therapy.

As group facilitators, it is our goal to foster meaningful examination of the challenges and concerns affecting the members and the group. Your job is simple: be your authentic self. You can think, feel, and express yourself freely. Growth comes from the willingness to look at the reactions and interactions of yourself and other members of the group.