About Heartwork Counseling Center

Heartwork Counseling Center is a small, holistic group practice built intentionally by a husband and wife team who strongly believe in the power of heartwork. To us, heartwork involves various combinations of the following:

-Rather than running from our personal stories, choosing to reclaim them through grit and courage. The original meaning of courage is, "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart." There is nothing more brave than facing ourselves, especially the parts we would much rather skip, erase, or deny.

-The belief that we don't have to heal in isolation. We were never meant to. 

-That if you willingly walk into discomfort and vulnerability, we believe you are a badass. To engage in heartwork is the opposite of weakness. It has bravery written all over it.

-Walking our talk. Sure, we offer therapy, and really good therapy at that. However, that does not mean we've somehow unlocked a mental health cheat code and live problem free. We are committed to growing as professionals and human beings, even if that requires us to continually step outside our comfort zones and be vulnerable ourselves. 

At Heartwork Counseling Center, we are in the business of helping foster sustainable change within people, rather than putting bandages on problems that inevitably just come back again. We think you're worth it, just as you are. Come join us.

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